Customer Spotlight…….Liam @ BadgeBeast

 Customer Spotlight…….Liam @ BadgeBeast

In a recent interview with online retailer, Liam Pettinger, Managing Director, explained to us the importance of having a trusted supplier. 

Liam was previously employed in an electrical shop and convinced the owner to start selling online. This was initially on ebay but eventually he was given the opportunity to use his web development knowledge to launch their online store. This job proved to be a fantastic opportunity for Liam that would set him in good stead for the future. “I was able to learn on the job over a number of years. At the same time I played drums in a band and decided to buy a badge machine rather than pay for someone to make them for us”. This seemed to be a logical move for Liam to start selling badges online in his spare time and his business grew from this, which at first he only saw as little more than a hobby.

Due to the ever increasing demand Liam eventually got to the point where he had no free time, working both a full time job and running a business from home. Liam decided to take the plunge and has been working for himself ever since, first selling on ebay and then on the website that he had developed. now sell on all the major marketplaces and in 5 languages on various platforms to the international markets. offer a variety of products, but primarily they sell clothing and novelty gift items such as badges, key rings and fridge magnets. Everything they sell is also offered with the option to buy as custom personalised products as well as offering their own designs. To supply the markets Liam needed to find a trusted supplier, one that could be relied upon for, service, stock and delivery. When asked why, Liam explained his reasons “I get along well with the guys at and this is really important. I don’t ever remember having to call up with any problems but I am confident if anything ever went wrong they would make sure everything was put right. Their next day delivery is really important to me as it allows me to work from home without having huge numbers of items in stock. This is especially important when sticking to targets set by Amazon and ebay in regards to delivery times”.

Liam has been buying from for over 8 years, initially he purchased bottle openers but now he sells a large number of their items from the range and this has proved to be a huge contributor to the growth of Liam is constantly looking for new markets in which to grow, “Every new item I source from gives me the opportunity for growth. We try to offer every one of our designs on each of our products. All new product provides 100s more SKUs for us to offer to our customers, as well as expanding our customised product range. I’m always on the lookout for new products and I hope will continue to add to their offering. I also intend to concentrate more on custom personalised market this year as well as adding more of our own designs.”

When asked what are the greatest changes you have seen in your years of trading? Liam explained that selling on marketplaces has changed drastically over the years. “There are many greater challenges nowadays just to keep your stores compliant. Obviously there is much more competition now from other sellers too. It used to be very simple to get your items up for sale and selling, but nowadays trying to get in front of a potential customers eyes is a challenge.” When Liam first started lead times were much longer it, wasn’t unreasonable to wait a week for an item purchased online but nowadays the market has become more demanding orders are expected to be fill far more rapidly. The success of Liam puts down to always aiming to do the right thing. “We are fanatical about keeping customers happy and always try and do the simple things right and solve any issues. We try and keep things fun with our own designs as most of them are bought as novelty gifts. The main thing is I try and keep working hard. The sheer number of designs and permutations available takes a lot of upkeep as we keep all printed designs in stock but this makes it possible to ship items out for next day UK delivery for 99% of orders. Thanks to excellent service we are able to achieve this. 

We look forward to a long and profitable future relationship with 

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