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How to use the G Series Badge System


Design and print.

Design what you want your badge to look like and then print them out.


Cut your design.

Using one of our badge desktop cutters, cut out the designs.


Load the machine.

Place front plate, artwork and mylar into die 1.


Load the machine.

Rotate and position back plate in line with the grooves into die 2.


Apply pressure.

With die 1 directly under the upper die, pull handle until you feel resistance, then lift to original position.


Apply pressure.

Rotate bottom plate 180 degrees, pull handle down again and lift to original position. Rotate bottom plate and remove finished badge.

Video Tutorial

We've made a short video tutorial on how you can make your own badges.


Create your own badge designs at the correct size to fit within our G Series badge machines with our free online software. Click here.
You can upload images, change colours and text to suit your needs. Simply register an account and you can save your designs to use as and when required. The software also allows you to lay your designs out in print ready format. With each badge machine, a set of instructions are provided which includes artwork cut size information.

We always say that the quality of the print will determine the quality of the end product, so we recommend you use a 110/120gsm paper.

There are many printers on the market and the big question is always inkjet or laser. A good quality laser printer will do the job, but if you have the choice then we recommend an inkjet printer to get a good depth of print colour. Inkjet printers are very readily available with a budget to suit all pockets depending on print speed and paper size etc. A print size of A4 is recommended and these are the most common size.

Our G series components that we provide are only compatible and made only to be used with our G series machines.

All of our machines come with a lifetime guarantee which we believe gives you a 100% piece of mind that you are purchasing from a trusted supplier.

We have two types of machines available. Our compact badge machine is great for beginners or small production runs, available in 38 and 59mm and can produce up to 200 badges per hour. Our semi-automatic machines are for high volumes, very easy to operate, available in nine different sizes which can produce up to 500 badges per hour.

It is very rare that our machines go wrong which is why we are happy to offer the lifetime guarantee. Should a problem arise please contact us to discuss the reason for the malfunction and we can assess the situation.

Call our friendly customer service team on 0121 748 1784 and they will be happy to help.

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